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Copyright Notice

The copyrighted materials on this website operated by Ghibli Park Co. (hereafter referred to as "this site"), including but not limited to written text, illustrations, logos, and photographs, belong to Ghibli Park Co. and/or Studio Ghibli Inc. unless otherwise clearly specified. Use of full or partial copyrighted material on this site belonging to Ghibli Park Co. and/or Studio Ghibli Inc. including but not limited to reproduction, broadcast, and/or transmission in any form, software or otherwise, without consent is prohibited under copyright laws.

Cookies and Access Data

In order to make user access more convenient, this site automatically collects access data of users who browse the website using a technology called cookies. All the acquired information is "browser identification information." "Browser identification information" does not include specific personal information like names, addresses, contact email and addresses.

Cookies are small data files that store the "browser identification information" of users who visit the website on a user's computer terminal (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and are widely used as a mechanism for saving website browsing records and other information and to confirm the user.

Acquired Data

This website uses cookies to automatically collect user's browsing time and date, URL, IP address, operating system, web browser type, and referrer information (information about which websites the user visits prior). The cookies used by this site do not include specific information about the individual user.

Purpose of Access Data Use

This site utilizes user access data to evaluate user numbers, research website traffic, and improve content, etc. through access analysis.

This site uses access analysis tools to measure total number of terminals, number of views, browser history etc. for statistical purposes. Browsing history and other statistics provide insight for enhanced performance and website improvements. This website uses Google LLC "Google Analytics" access analysis tools.

Opting out of Cookies

You can refuse to accept cookies by managing your own browser settings, or through third-party opt-out services. Please be aware that if cookies are disabled, website content may not display properly and some features may not be available.

How to Disable Cookies in Browser Settings

By managing browser settings, you can refuse to accept cookies and can enable a warning to be displayed when cookies have been accepted, etc. For more information about how to set your browser, please check the "Help" menu for items like "Cookies."

How to Disable Third-Party Cookies

Please check the following websites for more information about how third-party cookies are used, how to disable third-party cookies, etc.

Google LLC [Google Analytics]
Privacy Policy(Data Protection)
Opt-out(Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on)

In addition, Ghibli Park Co. is not responsible for any damages related to use of Google Analytics and/or Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on services.

Recommended Browsers

For optimal user experience on this site, the browsers listed below are recommended. In older browsers the page may look different than originally intended. For users with older browsers, please upgrade to the latest versions available before visiting the site.

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For optimal user experience this site uses Javascript. If Javascript is not enabled in your browser the site will not display or operate properly, therefore, we recommend that users enable Javascript.


Information posted on this site was done with great care, but accuracy is not guaranteed. Ghibli Park Co. is not responsible for any inconvenience, loss and/or damage that occurs related to use of this site. In addition, suspension or shutdown of operation of the website may occur and/or information on the site may be changed without notice. In that case, we are not responsible for any inconvenience, loss and/or damage that occurs.

Content on this site may link to external websites. Ghibli Park Co. is not responsible for any inconveniences, loss and/or damage that occurs related to any external sites linked to content on this site.

Established April 1, 2022